Oil Change Service in Riverside, CA

Mechanic Changing Oil In Automobile
The Raceway Ford service center provides hassle-free oil change service in Riverside, CA, to help keep your engine running smoothly and at its best. Our factory-trained service technicians ensure your vehicle receives the right kind of oil change at the right price. Our certified technicians will use the best type of oil that meets your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, whether standard or synthetic oil. We also provide service coupons to help you save money on your next oil change service at our auto service center near you.

When to Bring Your Car for Oil Change Service

Bring your car to the Raceway Ford dealership for an oil change service when you notice:

  • more milage than usual
  • low oil level
  • increased engine noise
  • persistent check engine light
  • Burnt oil smell inside the car
  • excess exhaust
  • Irregular oil texture
  • Dark, dirty engine oil
  • Poor fuel economy

Why Bring Your Car for Oil Change Service?

Bringing your car for an oil change service helps avoid overheating the engine components. It also encourages better gas mileage, secures the engine, helps it run effortlessly, and assist in preventing a slow-working, inefficient engine. Besides, your vehicle will produce fewer emissions, and the engine performance will stay stronger for longer.
If you would like to schedule an oil change service in Riverside, CA, or have any questions about your vehicle, schedule an appointment online today or give us a call.