The Ford Transit Mobility Van

Raceway Ford is Proud to be one of the exclusive suppliers in the Southern California are with the Full Size Transit Van including Mobility Works SmartFloor Technology.
Multiple Passengers 1
Rear Load Chair 2
Rear Load Bed 3
The Ford Transit is a full-size van which has proven itself to be ideal for businesses that transport people. The Transit is available in three lengths and two roof heights and comes standard with Mobility Works exclusive SmartFloor™ system. The SmartFloor system allows for the quick and easy movement of seats and wheelchair positions within a vehicle, which makes it easy for you to adapt to the unique needs of both your wheelchair passengers and your ambulatory passengers. Available with either a side or rear wheelchair lift, the Ford Transit is versatile, durable and reliable.

A Full-Size Vehicle that offers MORE:

  • MORE Flexibility – over 1,000 seating configurations which can be changed in minutes.
  • MORE Room – up to 77″ interior height (extended body with high roof) and an impressive 487 cubic feet of cargo volume (with seats removed).
  • MORE options for Businesses – move, add or remove seats to make room for luggage, cargo or additional passengers. Mobility options with wheelchair lifts also available.
  • MORE Savings – Standard V6, EcoBoost V6 and Diesel engines provide as much as 46% greater fuel economy which means more money going right to the bottom line.

Available models include 3 Lengths and 2 Roof Heights:

  • 130 in. regular wheel base with medium roof
  • 148 in. long wheelbase with medium roof and high roof
  • 148 in. long wheelbase with extended body and high roof

Only From MobilityWorks : The Most Flexible and Versatile Wheelchair Vans Ever!

SmartFloor™ is a Patented and innovative new floor system available exclusively from MobilityWorks Commercial! The modular SmartFloor technology allows easy and quick moving of seats and wheelchair positions nearly anywhere within the van, or seats can be moved to the lift for removal.

Innovative seat bases with wheels means no lifting – simply roll to the lift for removal or keep on the van and move to another spot to make room for wheelchairs. Need some extra legroom for the passenger in a leg cast? No problem! Simply move a seat back a few inches.

Wheelchair Vans and Transporters can now be converted from ambulatory transport to wheelchair transport and back as often as needed, taking just a few seconds per seat. The vans with SmartFloor can fit up to four standard wheelchairs or twelve ambulatory passengers!

  • Meets ADA and FMVSS requirements
  • Fully pull tested to meet rigorous US standards

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