Coolant Flush Service in Riverside, CA

Coolant Flush Service
Coolant flushes are required to ensure your vehicle runs safely and stays healthy. Raceway Ford offers a reliable coolant flush service in Riverside, CA. We have factory-trained service technicians that know everything about your vehicle and are ready to help you put your car’s coolant system in good shape and at the best price possible. Besides, our trustable auto service shop near you features first-in-class equipment and modern tools to get the coolant flush job done swiftly, perfectly, and professionally. Service coupons can also help you save more on your next coolant flush at the Raceway Ford dealership near you.

When and Why Should You Come for Coolant Flush Service?

Bring your vehicle in for coolant flush service; if you notice that the coolant is leaking underneath your car, check engine warning light is on, and the low coolant warning light is on. Other signs that indicate you need a radiator flush include overheating, knocking or grinding engine noise, and visible debris in your coolant. Besides, an odd smell rising from your car hood may mean you need a radiator flush. Additionally, you should pay attention to your owner’s manual recommended schedule or bring your vehicle for coolant flush service every 30,000 miles.
If the experts at Raceway Ford flush your radiator, rust and scale deposit will be removed to prevent radiator damage. Also, a complete inspection of the cooling system will be conducted. Furthermore, contaminants will be removed. Do you have any questions about your car’s cooling system? Don’t hesitate to call us today. Would you like to schedule a coolant flush service in Riverside, CA? Schedule an appointment online.