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Santa’s Village is coming back!

Do you remember Santa’s Village up in the mountains near Lake Arrowhead?  Many Californians have fond memories of riding the sleigh cars roller coaster and the bumble bee car monorails although the famous park closed down in 1998. Well, the park is part of a five year plan proposed by the Rim of the World Historical Society with hopes of a multi-million dollar re-design and re-opening to allow a whole new generation the winter wonderland thrills of Santa’s Village! Originally opened a month before the other So Cal amusement park that opened in 1955, Disneyland, the park quickly became one of Southern California’s biggest tourist attractions with its kiddie rides, Ferris wheel, monorail, bobsleds and petting zoo with real live reindeer! It was also the very first franchised amusement park with other parks opening in Scotts Valley, CA and East Dundee, Illinois. Highway construction and difficult economic times finally reduced attendance to the point where the park was closed in 1998, leaving only memories… Many of us here at Raceway Ford remember going to Santa’s Village as kids and are very much looking forward to taking our own kids up to the mountains once it opens again for some family fun time in Rim of the World! Read the Press Enterprise story HERE.

Santas Village Winter Wonderland! Rim of the World, CA Santas Village Winter Wonderland!
Rim of the World, CA

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