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MAD About Mustangs

When the Mustang was first sold back in 1964, there was no such thing as a "pony car" or anything about a "sports" class. The Ford Mustang was introduced and iconized a whole new class of automobile, drawing the likes of the Pontiac Firebird, Dodge Challenger, Chevrolet Camaro, and the Plymouth Barracuda. The Mustang even brought back excitement and renovation to the Challenger and Camaro in the 2000's with the "retro" look of the 2005 Mustang. Quite the revolutionary vehicle over the past fifty years!

The Mustang has also inspired the need for speed in racing events across the world, making a first appearance as a pace car for the 1964 Indy 500. This, with the sporty lines of the pony car and increasing power under the hood led to many events such as drag racing and the National Hot Rod Associations' own events, NASCAR, and drifting at the Formula Drift and D1 Grand Prix series.

This weekend, however, the Mustang has stirred the car enthusiasts with Strictly Stangs to host their annual one-night car show—MAD Mustangs After Dark right here at Raceway Ford. A small community event which started out in 2009, Mustangs After Dark has developed into a full-on Mustang event, with estimation of over 100 Mustangs in the club, and over 600 aficionados at the event alone! This has become a traditional Southern California event which gathers Mustangs from all over California and the outlying states.

MAD Mustangs After Dark and Strictly Stangs congregate all types of the steel equine. From your entry-level, to the BOSS 302, down to the GT350 Shelby and Bullitt and ROUSH, it’s all going to be here at Raceway Ford. Food and drinks and even a raffle or two. Don’t miss out on the biggest Ford pony show of the Inland Empire!

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2015 Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition available now in Riverside, CA

Extra Extra, Read All About It!
Yes Ford Fans the day has arrived! Since the details were first released last year about the 2015 Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition we have been chomping at the bit so to speak, waiting for ours to arrive and the wait was worth it! Immediately recognizable by its unique custom car cover that fully wrapped it as it sat on the truck our special Pony arrived just yesterday and now sits proudly on our showroom floor, but wont stay in our stable long! Number 1850 of ONLY 1964 ever to be made this is indeed a collectors dream! If you are a Mustang fan you have to stop by Raceway Ford and see this gorgeous car in person before it finds a new home, and if you don't yet know all the details that make this commemorative edition Pony special you can read all about it HERE!

One of only 1964 ever made, now available at Raceway Ford! One of only 1964 ever made, now available at Raceway Ford!

Specially Wrapped! Specially Wrapped!

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European style ‘Hot Hatch’ fun available soon in Riverside, CA!

At the recent Geneva Auto Show Ford stole the spotlight on the worlds automotive stage yet again with the debut of the all-new, all wheel drive and all amazing Focus RS! Using the 2.3L EcoBoost borrowed from big brother the Mustang and sending its power thru the most sophisticated all wheel drive system ever developed bu the Blue Oval the new Focus will give American drivers the chance to have the type of RS fun that has only been experience by Ford fans in Europe for the last 40+ years of the RS badge's history. Since 1970 with the establishment the Advanced Vehicle Operations (AVO) division and release the now legendary RS1600 which handily won the grueling 16,000-mile London to Mexico World Cup Rally, the RS badge has been synonymous with high performance. The 2017 Focus RS more than lives up to the heritage of its legendary badge and promises to be a truly world class performance driving machine! Read more about this incredible little Pocket Rocket HERE, or stop by Raceway Ford today and take a look at our Focus inventory that you can drive home right now!

Coming soon to Riverside, CA the all-new 2017 Focus RS! Coming soon to Riverside, CA the all-new 2017 Focus RS!

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Raptor, GT350R and the Ford GT… all revealed at the Detroit Auto Show!

The annual Detroit Auto Show, or as it is now know around the world The North American International Auto Show, never fails to open the year with automotive excitement and this year the spot light is shinning on the Blue Oval. Over the last week the floor plan for the show was revealed and in the Ford display area were designated spots for display vehicles codenamed ‘Hummingbird’ and ‘Phoenix’ which fueled the rumor mill to full output! We will get to what those had to reveal in a moment, first we want to get you the details as we know them for the third reveal of the first day of the show; the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor!

Building on the reputation of the most powerful and capable four wheel drive pickup ever factory produced, the next generation Raptor takes serious off- roading to the next level entirely! In addition to the all aluminum construction of the new truck making it lighter than the awesome truck it replaces the 2017 Raptor will get its power from a twin turbo 3.5L EcoBoost that will develop more horsepower and torque than the monster 6.2L in the 2014 if you can believe it! Power will reach the wheels through an all new 10-Speed automatic transmission and Raptor pilots will have SIX driving modes to ensure that power is used to its fullest! New driving modes include; Normal (everyday stuff), Street (spirited hi-performance driving), Weather (for inclement conditions), Mud/Sand (for typical off road stuff), Baja (when a high speed desert run is needed) and Rock (for the crawling opportunities)! Larger Fox Racing Shox with greater travel, tuned high flow dual exhaust and a bigger stronger transfer case are just a few more dream items on the massive list of improvements for this new beast!

Now, for the mystery of the Hummingbird…. This morning the cover was pulled off of the most powerful, track-ready Mustang ever built by Ford, the 2016 Mustang GT350R. And yes, the R stands for Ridiculously Awesome! From the all new and all amazing “19 CARBON FIBER wheels at each corner to the (now lower) roof this Pony is pure adrenaline top to bottom! Reworking the car for aerodynamic improvement the put the headlights at an inch lower than a stock Mustang and that’s not all! Out back there is a huge rear spoiler, also carbon fiber, which will help keep the hind quarters firmly land locked and help keep those massive tires gripping the tarmac! Maintaining traction was at the fore front of the Ford Performance Team because they knew it would be near impossible to harness the ponies that will be produced by the all new, first ever for Ford, flat plane crankshaft 5.2L V8 under the hood! Rumors have been flying and no firm numbers are available yet however its very safe to say that horsepower will be well above 500 and torque will be simply monstrous! At every point the eye focuses there is pure performance. On the outside there is a new rear diffuser and a multitude of new vents. Air coolers for engine oil and the 6-Speed manual transmission will keep the high revving action well lubricated and power will applied to the wide rears by a 3.73 ratio, limited slip Torsen rear axle. Set to go on sales later this year as a 2016 model racers and enthusiasts around the country have already made bee lines for their nearest dealerships to get their names on the waiting list!

And finally, the biggest news of the show, if not the year as a whole….. This morning Ford announced the return of an American built, world class supercar; the Ford GT! 2016 will be the 50th anniversary of Ford GT race cars placing 1-2-3 at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans and to honor that momentous occasion will be no less than the most advanced Ford supercar ever; the Ford GT featuring the most powerful EcoBoost production engine ever – a new twin-turbocharged Ford EcoBoost V6 producing more than 600 horsepower! Dreamed up by a passionate group of dedicated Ford Performance believers and then built with the specific intention of hunting Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and McLarens the Ford GT sets the new standard for the term Supercar. Built around a carbon fibers driver cell with aluminum front and rear sub-frames that have been encapsulated in structural carbon fiber body panels the GT promises an incredible on track driving experience with world class performance. From the huge ceramic disc brakes at each corner to the tear drop shaped, fighter aircraft inspires fuselage with enhanced visibility curved windshield, every aspect of the Ford GT screams ‘Full Bore Adrenaline Fueled Track Domination”! As it was meant to….

Full details will be coming soon on all three new additions to the Ford Performance line up and you can see more pics of the gorgeous GT HERE, read more on the GT350R HERE and the Raptor HERE. As always Ford fans, stay tuned here for the latest breaking news!



Raceway-Ford-GT-300x163 The Future of Ford Performance!

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Save a Life BLead by Example!

This year start the New Year doing something that will benefit more than just you, save a life by donating blood! Usually by this time each year most resolutions have fallen by the way side as so many of us get caught in the business of modern life however there is still time to make a difference! Did you know that about 37% of Americans can donate blood but only around 5% actually do? And here in So Cal its even lower, down at 3%! Why donate YOUR blood? Well, here are some interesting facts about the need for blood:


Blood donations are used every day for surgery patients, cancer patients, accident victims, bone marrow recipients, burn patients and organ transplant recipients; just to name a few of the beneficiaries.

A heart surgery patient needs up to 6 units of red blood cells and 1 platelet transfusion.

A liver transplant recipient needs up to 20 units of red blood cells, 25 units of plasma and 2 platelet transfusions.

A cancer patient needs up to 8 platelet transfusions per week. Cancer patients account for almost 20 percent of all blood transfusions given.

A sickle cell anemia patient needs 2 to 10 units of red blood cells per treatment.

A marrow transplant recipient needs up to 20 units of red blood cells and 25 platelet transfusions.

A trauma victim may need up to 50 units of red blood cells as well as plasma and platelets.

One in seven people will need a blood transfusion sometime in their lifetime. Blood needs to be donated, tested, ready and available for transfusion before it’s needed.
Feel like helping out now? Great! The Bloodmobile will be here at Raceway Ford in Riverside, CA on Tuesday January 7th from 9:30 am until 2:00 pm. Donors will recieve a coupon for two free tacos from neighboring Jack in the Box and a cool “Are You My Type’ tee-shirt while supplies last in addition to knowing you helped save a life! Stop by and help us (B)Lead By Example wont you?!!

BLead By Example and Save a Life BLead By Example and Save a Life

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The all-new 2015 F-150 arrives in Riverside, CA!

Riverside and Inland Empire truck fans will have a LOT to celebrate as the new years begins as the much anticipated new face of ‘Built Ford Tough’, the new all aluminum 2015 Ford F-150 has arrived! Not just one or two either, as the area’s largest truck and commercial vehicle center Raceway Ford has earned more of the new F-150 than most other dealers and they are arriving by the truck full daily! Legions of Ford Truck fans have been anxiously waiting to find out if the new trucks from the Blue Oval will live up to all the hype and great press they have received over the last few months and now is YOUR chance to see for yourself! Stop by and drive one today, we have been blown away by this new truck but then again we are a bit biased! We hope to see you soon :)

The new 2015 F-150 has arrived at Raceway Ford The new 2015 F-150 has arrived at Raceway Ford

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Riversides Mission Inn wins top honors as Best Lights Display in US!

We have always loved the ‘Festival of Lights’ put on every year by our local treasure The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa. Each year we look forward to the day after Thanksgiving when they close the streets all around the Historic Mission Inn and crowds gather by the thousands to be there when they hit the switch and the, already beautiful, hotel is turned into a gigantic winter wonderland! Year after year we have thought it is one of the best light displays to be found anywhere, although we admit we ARE a bit biased…. Well, it turns out we were right! USA Today has named it America’s Best Public Light Display!

From USA Today: “The competition for Best Public Lights Display was intense, and from the 20 nominees selected by Deborah Norville of Inside Edition, the Festival of Lights at the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside, Calif. came out on top, earning the honor of being called America’s Best Public Lights Display.”

How awesome is THAT?! The Festival runs through January so be sure to head down to The Mission Inn District once the sun sets and prepare to have your breath simply taken from you! Huge Congrats to the Mission Inn and to Riverside! We’re #1, we’re #1!! ;)

Read the whole post here:

The Festival of Lights at the Historic Mission Inn in Riverside The Festival of Lights at the Historic Mission Inn in Riverside

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2015 F-150 production starts, first deliveries in Riverside only weeks away…

On November 11th the Detroit Free Press reported that the first of the all-new 2015 F-150‘s were beginning to roll off the assembly line from the Rouge Truck Plant if Dearborn! The all aluminum bodied truck breaks new ground for the Blue Oval and is the first mass production use of an all aluminum bodied pick up in the world. In addition the new 2.7L V6 EcoBoost has caused quite a stir in the truck world and is eagerly anticipated by many potential new truck buyers as the affordable power solution with an eye on the MPG’s. Here ate Raceway Ford we anticipate the first 2015 F-150 to hit the lot by the end of November so stay tuned right here truck fans for all the latest!

The First 2015 is on the way to Raceway Ford in Riverside, CA! The First 2015 is on the way to Raceway Ford in Riverside, CA!

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Raceway Ford’s ‘Drive 4 UR Community’!

Recently Raceway Ford joined forces with the Riverside Police Officers Foundation to host a ‘Drive 4 UR Community’ event nearby in Moreno Valley and it was a huge hit! The Ford sponsored ‘Drive’ events are a great way to raise funds for really great causes, in this case the funds donated by Ford go to the RPD Youth Programs. A huge event was put together with the help of the Riverside Fire Department and many great community organizations, over twenty police and fire vehicles were on display in addition to the remote control bomb squad robots that drew tons of attention and the Riverside Police helicopter that stopped everyone to watch as it landed in a swirling cloud of dust! Visitors to the event had the opportunity to take a free, no obligation test drive in a new Ford provided by the Raceway Ford Team and for each test drive taken Ford Motor Company donated $20 to the effort! Many new Fords were on hand to be driven and checked out, the new 2015 Expedition got tons of attention but the most driven was the Ford Fusion! As the day wound down and activities wrapped up it was time for the chopper to lift off and the crowd gathered to wave them up, up and away! Huge thanks to our Police and Fire Department friends for making the day an awesome success! We’ll see ya again next year the the 2015 ‘Drive 4 UR Community’ folks!







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The First 2015 Mustang has arrived in Riverside, CA!!!

The wait is over Pony fans!! The first, all-new, 2015 Mustang available in Riverside has arrived here at Raceway Ford! A gorgeous Black GT Fastback with the redesigned , higher output Coyote 5.0L V8 and a sporty 6-Speed Manual transmission and the stunning new looks it was definitely worth waiting for! Stop by and see it in person today, you will fall in love at first sight!

The First 2015 Mustang in Riverside has arrived at Raceway Ford The First 2015 Mustang in Riverside has arrived at Raceway Ford



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Live United @ Raceway Ford; an evening of fun and fundraising for the United Way!

SAVE THE DATE!!! Saturday, November 1st join us for the first annual ‘Live United @ Raceway Ford‘! An evening of causal fun and fundraising benefiting United Way of the Inland Valleys with; a silent auction, live music by “A Little On The Side’ and award-winning food provided by Riversides finest eateries! Beer and Wine Tasting for attendees as well! This event will also be the first fund raising event in the US that will be live broadcasting to mobile devices so people interested in pledging or just who would like to be a part of the festivities but are not able to attend in person can join us via their mobile device!

Spearheading this incredible event is our Vice President of Marketing Bill Chamberlain. When Mr Chamberlain joined the Raceway Ford Team just over a year ago he brought with him over 25 years of community involvement here in the Riverside area of the Inland Empire. In addition to leading the Commercial/Fleet Sales Team to record setting sales continuously he has helped the spearhead the Raceway Ford efforts in giving back to our surrounding communities more than ever before! Over the last 25 years of working in the automobile business in Riverside Bill has been an active member of the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce, serving on the board for many years. He has also been a proud Rotary Club member, and past President for 27 years in addition to serving on the Law Enforcement Appreciation Committee for 20 years! Just over 15 years ago Bill got involved with the West Coast Thunder project and is now the Vice President of this really awesome yearly fund raising event. Suffice to say Bill knows how to raise funds for great causes and his efforts caught the attention of the folks at the United Way of the Inland Valleys who asked him to join their board earlier this year and he is now the Community Development Chairperson for this great organization.

From the United Way of the Inland Valleys website:
United Way of the Inland Valleys was formed in 1931 by community leaders for the purpose of making our region a  better place to live and to do business. The mechanism for doing this was to raise funds to support health and human services provided by United Way affiliated agencies through a single fund-raising campaign.

United Way of the Inland Valleys currently funds 46 local community partner agencies and 62 local programs. The majority of the funds for these programs comes from donations made by employees in the workplace through payroll giving and from committed members of the community making leadership gifts….”

Please consider joining Raceway Ford and the United Way of the Inland Valleys on this wonderful evening of fun and fundraising! Tickets available by seat or table, contact Bill Chamberlain at bc@racewayford.com or Margie at msaldibar@uwiv.org. See you there!

An evening of fun, and fundraising! An evening of fun, and fundraising!

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The 1st Annual Grand Terrace Veterans 5K Run

The City of Grand Terrace recently held its 1st Annual Grand Terrace Veterans 5K Run to raise funds for the ‘Veterans Wall of FREEDOM’ monument to be built in the city’s Pico Park and Raceway Ford was a proud sponsor of this great community event. Almost 150 runners braved the high temps and humidity and had a great run on the relatively flat course that was lines with many volunteers and community members cheering and waving signs. The event was put on by the Grand Terrace Lions Club and the community support for a first time run was really impressive. Many volunteers also came out and made the event a well run and efficient activity, keeping the runners supplied with water at many stations along the route was critical and much appreciated! Team Raceway Ford was also there to show support with a team of runners! Our Vice President of Marketing Bill Chamberlain, Assistant General Manager Paul Cole and our man Mike theCarGuy all put on bibs and ran their best! Bill and Paul each claimed the 2nd Place in their age divisions with our resident ‘running man’ Paul posting a blistering 24:07 in the Inland Empire heat! A great time was had by all and some funds were raised for a great cause. We have posted some pics of the event on our Facebook page HERE and to learn how you can help support the ‘Veterans Wall of FREEDOM’ see their website HERE.

Bill Chamberlain, Paul Cole and Mike theCarGuy! The Three (Raceway Ford) Amigos of running Bill Chamberlain, Paul Cole and Mike theCarGuy! The Three (Raceway Ford) Amigos of running

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What’s your car’s birth-date?

Did you know that your car has a DOB? In this case DOB stands for ‘Date of Build’ but none the less it’s the date that your car, and every car, goes from being a number on an order to an actual vehicle on the production line. While finding out the DOB of the car in your driveway may take a few minutes of Google searching, the actual day that the new Ford you have your eye on was built is easy to find. Take for example the 2015 Mustang with VIN # 1FA6P8CF8F5302934 that is heading toward our store here in Riverside right now… at the top of the window sticker you see below is a numeric code; 120140826. As you have probably already figured out once you looked at it, the code is fairly simple to break! The year of build is 2014, month of production is August and this Pony’s actual production date is the 26th! Just a handy little fun tip to keep in mind the next time you are on the lot looking at a new Ford, you can show your salesperson that you know more than the average car shopper!

Raceway Ford’s first 2015 Mustang! Raceway Ford’s first 2015 Mustang!

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TEDx is coming to Riverside!

On October 19th at the historic Fox Performing Arts Center in Riverside, the Inland Empire will join the growing TED community with a power packed list of guest speakers that have “Ideas Worth Sharing”! The TEDxRiverside conference is a series of one day events created in the spirit of the original TED conference started in Northern California as a convergence of the fields of technology, entertainment and design (that is, “TED“). In fact, the very first TED conference featured a demonstration of the ‘new’ SONY compact disc AND the Apple Macintosh computer! Attendees will hear presentations from a Nobel Prize winning chemist, a Grammy Award winning Musician and a Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist. They will also learn how the talents of a local voice teacher surprised a Broadway Star at the Hollywood Bowl, how animations come to life,  about the history of Riverside, the future of Artificial Intelligence, and much more all in one day! Raceway Ford is a proud sponsor of this incredible Inland Empire event and there are still tickets available! For more details and the complete speaker list, including Grammy Award Winning musician Melissa Manchester, can be found HERE.

Proud Sponsor of TEDxRiverside Proud Sponsor of TEDxRiverside

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Ford gains Edge in style, performance and utility!

Early next year, sportiness and utility will get an Edge in the SUV market with the introduction of the all-new 2015 Ford Edge. The new Mustang and F-150 may be getting tons of attention but the technology, engineering and style of the already great selling Edge will make it impossible to be lost in the hype of its sibling Fords! Based on the wildly successful new Fusion chassis “the all-new Edge has been remade in almost every single detail, always keeping in mind the customer, who expects something premium, powerful and special,” said Judy Curran, vehicle line director for Ford. “With a structure more rigid than ever and a suspension tuned to the highest global standards, the 2015 Edge is a high-tech utility that delivers a special driving experience customers will feel from their first moments behind the wheel.”  The Edge will be the first in the Ford line to utilize new Adaptive Steering technology which will make for an easier and more exciting driving experience! At lower speeds, such as pulling into a parking space or maneuvering in tight quarters, the new system makes the vehicle more agile and easier to turn, as it dials more steering into the road wheel. Each low-speed maneuver requires less turning of the steering wheel.  Two new engines will round up the three available power plant options, a 2.0L EcoBoost 4 cylinder that will develop 245 hp and a 2.7L Twin Turbo EcoBoost V6 that will make well over 300 hp! Ford’s new Auto Start-Stop system will also be available with both EcoBoost engine options on the new Edge. In heavy traffic, at stop lights and in drive-thru’s  this technology can seamlessly shut down the engine to decrease fuel consumption, reducing tailpipe emissions to zero while the vehicle is stationary. Inside there seems to be no limit to the new technologies that can be found from steering wheel mounted Paddle Shifters to a new 180-degree front camera with washer featured for first time on a Ford vehicle and  a standard rear camera. Adaptive cruise control and collision warning with brake support uses radar to detect moving vehicles directly ahead and change the cruising speed if necessary and active grill shutters on some models help improve aerodynamics and increase fuel efficiency as well. As always stay tuned here for all the latest details and delivery information on the new Edge in style, the 2015 Ford Edge.

Meet the all-new 2015 Edge! Meet the all-new 2015 Edge!

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Pinning the Blue Oval on Pinterest…

Are you one of the millions that love the website Pinterest? Well so are we! We have always loved finding great Ford pictures from all over the Internet and now we have a place to put them all so we can keep track and also share them with our friends! We have created many boards such for things like the all-new ‘2015 Ford Mustang‘ that’s due out toward the end of this year, a board named ‘Ford Heritage‘ where we pin hundreds of Fords from the over 100 years of history and of course a ‘Ford Racing‘ board packed with awesome action shots from all the many types of racing that the Blue Oval dominates! We have even created a board for the many incredible Instagram pictures our man Mike the CarGuy snaps all over our dealership! The next time you are scrolling through the many great pics on Instagram be sure to look for Raceway Ford and check out some of our Ford pictures, and feel free to pin them to one of your favorite boards!

Raceway Ford is on Pinterest just like you! Raceway Ford is on Pinterest just like you!

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2013 Shelby GT500 Mustang for sale in Riverside, CA. One of the very last of its kind up for grabs…

With the 662 horsepower produced by its hand built, supercharged 5.8L engine the Shelby GT500 is the most powerful V8 powered vehicle on the planet, and you have the chance to own one…  When the editors of AutoBlog.com drove the Cobra the simply stated that is was “Stupid, stinking, earth shatteringly fast” and there is no way to deny that! Few vehicles on the road, anywhere, can move the soul like a Shelby Mustang, this gorgeous 2013 was purchased by a collector and driven once, from Utah to his garage where it has been lovingly cared for as evidenced by the mere 727 miles on the odometer! Its Tremec 6-Speed racing trans only shifted a handful of times and the tires have NEVER been smoked. Of course having all that power on tap would be terrifying without a way to bring it all safely to a stop and to make sure it can do just that there huge 14” vented front discs up front with Brembo  SIX piston calipers and 13.8 vented discs grabbing tight at the rear. The Ford SVT crew has given the Cobra all the race experience available in its suspension tuning to make this Mustang a track dominator with Toresn rear differential, cock pit adjustable Bilstein electronic dampers at each corner and 19” (front) and 20” (rear) exclusive forged aluminum wheels with Z rated tires. Factory equipped launch control ensures smooth and consistent starts every time with just the right amount of wheels spin for maximum traction and four, driver selectable performance settings. Road and Track said the GT500 is “totally at home on a road course yet remarkably civil in everyday situations” and that’s due in part to the incredibly comfortable yet tight holding leather seating and the powerful Shaker sound system although if truth be told we prefer the grumble if it tunes exhaust as our driving music! With the Mustang production ended and the plants gearing up for the all-new 2015 we know this is one of the last examples of this truly amazing car and there will not be a high performance version of the new Pony for at least the first two model years so, if you are serious about owning one of these rod going beast you NEED to contact us TODAY! Serious inquiries only please email us at racewayford@live.com

Raceway-Ford-2013-Cobra-12 Mustang Shelby GT500 for sale in Riverside CA

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Riverside Residents Get Cash for Going ‘Green’!

Residents of Riverside looking to go green can get cash assistance with the purchase of a new Ford Focus Electric from the city’s Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program! The City of Riverside is hoping to encourage residents to look into alternative fuel vehicles and increase awareness of the benefits associated with driving clean air cars. Using funds from a bill passed in 1990, California Assembly Bill 2766, which allows for a $6 from motor vehicle registration fees to be designated for air pollution efforts Riverside has created a rebate program to help stimulate clean air, electric powered vehicle sales. There are different levels of rebates available depending on the vehicle purchase, a Neighborhood EV, Electric Motorcycle or Electric Vehicle. The Ford Focus EV qualifies for a $500.00 rebate to help offset any down payment or trade in value used when purchasing.  To be eligible Focus EV owners must be able to provide a current CA drivers license and a current utility bill as verification of residence in the City of Riverside and the application must be completed within 30 days of purchase. For more information see the Riverside Public Works page HERE and to get started with the purchase of your new Focus Electric see our Electric Vehicle Team here at Raceway Ford today!


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Car Shoppers Rank Ford Dealers Ahead of BMW and Honda!

Each year the market research company Pied Piper mystery shops thousand of car dealerships across the country and uses data collected to compile their annual Prospect Satisfaction Index which has become the auto industries standard for measuring the treatment of car shoppers. With actual car shoppers they visited nearly six thousand dealerships and have ranked the brands using key areas of performance such as:
~ Gave compelling reasons to buy from ‘this ‘ dealership
~ Discussed features unique from the competition
~ Mentioned maintenance costs and programs
~ Offered a brochure
~ Asked why customer considered the dealerships particular brand
~ Involved customer with visual aids

“Great products are the key to strong sales,” said Fran O’Hagan, President and CEO of Pied Piper Management Company LLC. “But the only way to make the most of a product’s sales potential is a capable sales team, following a consistent sales process.” Pied Piper has found that on average, when auto dealerships are ranked by their PSI score, dealerships in the top quarter sell 16% more vehicles than the dealerships in the bottom quarter.

Here at Raceway Ford we completely agree that great products are the key and the Ford lineup has never been stronger so it’s easy for our staff of sales pros to help our guests find the right Ford for them and do it in a quick and fun manner! As the ranking chart shows, car shoppers have ranked Ford dealerships ahead of BMW and Honda stores, stop in to Raceway Ford today and see for yourself! We would love to show you how easy it can be to take home your new Ford!
You can read the whole report here:


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2015 Mustang Goes into Production

Great news for Pony fans all across the nation; Ford has (un)officially announced the beginning production dates for the all new 2015 Ford Mustang! After a long wait and much hype the new Fastback will start on July 14th to roll down the assembly line at the Flat Rock plant in Michigan and not too long after that on September 15th the Convertible will start its journey into production although it is as yet unconfirmed whether units for sale will be included in the initial runs or they will be QC builds to ensure all goes right with customer builds.  The OKTB, or Ok To Buy date for the Fastback is 9/9/2014 and orders are being taken now so don’t wait and miss out on getting one of the first Mustangs for yourself! The Ford ad council has scheduled a massive ad push for the 4th quarter of this year so expect to see the Mustang EVERYWHERE from TV, sports events and concerts to being online in every way! As always, for the latest in Blue Oval news check back here often and to get started with your Mustang order contact us today at Raceway Ford or call me direct; Mike theCarGuy (951) 784-1000 ext 162!


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A word about recalls…

The word recall has been in many headlines this year and the attention auto manufacturers are getting may not be such a bad thing.  First its important to understand that a recall notification doesn’t mean an entire line of vehicles has a problem, most of the time it is only specific vehicles in a model line that were built during a specific time that are affected, it’s rare that EVERY car in a certain model line has an issue that needs to be addressed with a factory recall. Recalls occur when the manufacturer determines that there could be a problem with certain vehicle and asks the owners of those vehicles to bring them to dealerships for repair, in mass production situations many parts and components are outsourced and sometimes there are concerns with specific parts that result in a recall for those parts to be replaced. With the sophistication of production it is usually possible to identify the dates when parts of question were produced and recall only the vehicles with the parts from that period of time installed. Typically a recall will be very specific in not only the model but also the production date however when the news media reports them they will generally make broader more encompassing statements like “all of the Make/Model vehicles have been recalled” and this isn’t always true. When you hear about a recall on the news or online and have a concern if your specific vehicle is included there are a number of way to find out. You can call your local dealership, like Raceway Ford if your vehicle is a Ford, and one of the service pros will be happy to check your VIN for you. Or, you can check for yourself at sites like SafeCar.gov where they have a recall page set up for consumers with the latest recall info here.

Although the frequency of recalls seems to get attention it is a reflection of the increased awareness of the safety and mechanical integrity of today’s autos. Not only are vehicles safer than they have ever been and are lasting longer than ever. In a mass production environment perfection is nearly impossible when keeping affordability in the equation as well however, its good to know that auto makers do test and retest their products to ensure they are at the level of quality that consumers deserve and if they do find situations where they aren’t; they are willing to fix it.


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Build and price your new 2015 Mustang!

Heads up Pony fans! You can now use the all-new Mustang online configuration site to build and price the Pony of your dreams! Fastback or convertible… V6, EcoBoost or GT with all the colors and options you could ever imagine! Click the pic, build your Mustang then print it and bring it to So Cal’s Pony headquarters at Raceway Ford and we will order it up for you! What are you waiting for??? CLICK NOW!! ;)


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The toll booths have closed, the toll booths have closed! How to make the drive now…

With the coming of summer many Inland Empire residents begin to plan their weekend beach trips with the anxious anticipation of escaping the blazing heat and enjoying the So Cal surf! Many drivers have discovered the time savings of taking the toll roads to the beaches of south Orange County and many who make the trip frequently have the FasTrack transponders already to avoid stopping to pay the toll with cash however starting on May 14 the toll booths have been closed. State routes 73, 133, 241 and 261 now require either a FasTrak or an electronic payment made online so if you are planning a beach get away you should check out the TollRoads website. If you don’t want to set up a full FasTrac account they have an easy ExpressAccount that allows for payments to be made in advance AND after a trip has been made for those who may have forgot that the tool booths are closed! The sun is warming things up in the Inland Empire and those waves are a calling, start your beach trip HERE and take the toll roads so you can avoid that 91 traffic!


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West Coast Thunder 2014, a ride for those who have fallen…

2014 marks West Coast Thunder’s 15th Anniversary and this year Raceway Ford is proud to once again sponsor this incredible event. Each year thousands of steel horses gather from all over the country to ride for those who have fallen. The entire parade of bikes was just over an hour long as an estimated EIGHT THOUSAND riders set out to honor those who gave up their tomorrows so that we could have a Free today…. Our own Bill Chamberlain was at the head of the pack and our man Mike theCarGuy was out there to catch the riders as they passed the Riverside National Cemetery. It was some beautiful noise to be sure and a powerful sight to say the least. Click the link HERE for video and crank up the speakers and get ready for 30 minutes of West Coast Thunder!


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Get Ready To Run in Riverside!

Riverside runners get your shoes ready! The Riverside City College 5th Annual Veteran’s 5K Run-Walk-Roll is coming up and its a great way to have some fun and raise some funds for the RCC Veteran’s Fund!

The course leads runners around the beautiful Riverside City College campus, highlighted by the historic Quad, the recently renovated Stadium, and the Riverside Aquatics Complex site. The course includes a variety of elevation changes, paved and unpaved space, and shady areas. More info contact: Garth Schultz (951)222-8027 • garth.schultz@rcc.edu

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