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Riverside Residents Get Cash for Going ‘Green’!

Residents of Riverside looking to go green can get cash assistance with the purchase of a new Ford Focus Electric from the city’s Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program! The City of Riverside is hoping to encourage residents to look into alternative fuel vehicles and increase awareness of the benefits associated with driving clean air cars. Using funds from a bill passed in 1990, California Assembly Bill 2766, which allows for a $6 from motor vehicle registration fees to be designated for air pollution efforts Riverside has created a rebate program to help stimulate clean air, electric powered vehicle sales. There are different levels of rebates available depending on the vehicle purchase, a Neighborhood EV, Electric Motorcycle or Electric Vehicle. The Ford Focus EV qualifies for a $500.00 rebate to help offset any down payment or trade in value used when purchasing.  To be eligible Focus EV owners must be able to provide a current CA drivers license and a current utility bill as verification of residence in the City of Riverside and the application must be completed within 30 days of purchase. For more information see the Riverside Public Works page HERE and to get started with the purchase of your new Focus Electric see our Electric Vehicle Team here at Raceway Ford today!


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