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The Best Performing Mustang Ever; 2016 Ford Shelby GT350

When the all-new 2015 Mustang was debuted back in November of 2013, Ford enthusiasts immediately began speculating just how incredible of a starting point the car would make for 'tuners'. The new Pony introduced fully independent rear suspension on the new platform which was the key missing ingredient on prior generations that kept it from being a truly world class racing capable car. When the gear heads at Ford Performance announced a Shelby version of the Mustang the Internet buzz went wild and recently Ford hosted a preview day for the new car to show that the product lived up to the hype, and offered even more. In addition to automotive media there were a select group of automotive professionals invited up north to the legendary Laguna Seca Raceway for a few laps at the wheel of the latest edition Cobra. One of those lucky enough to receive a proverbial golden ticket invite was Mike Correra, a sales manager locally for Raceway Ford here in Riverside.
Mike's driving impressions were posted on automotive website AverageCarGuy.com, from the article:
"The new GT350, simply put, inspires confidence. The kind of confidence to drive hard into a corner and accelerate hard coming out without fear of losing control. Not once did the car feel even a little loose, and as hard as I pushed I could not even feel the slightest bit of drift.
Lap three was breathtaking as I really felt the power band of the 5.2L. I was able to stay in third for most of the track, and was amazed by how much power I was able to pull out of each corner with. Earlier that morning I heard a Ford guy explain that the new engine has an incredibly broad torque curve, making 70% of its available toque from 3500 all the way up to 7000 RPMs!
The instructor made sure to point out that numerous gear shifts weren’t needed with this engine’s power band. When I did shift into fourth on the front stretch, it was effortless. The clutch was smooth smooth and the throw of the stick was short.
Under braking the massive Brembo brakes made my eyes feel as if they might dislodge and hit the windshield! Never locking up or losing its grip, the brakes bring the Shelby’s speed down as effortlessly as the wicked engine increases it.
At the end of my three laps of glory, the pro and I swapped seats and then the fun really began. If my last lap was exhilarating, the lap I rode along with the pro driver was breath taking! Having spent hours and hours at the wheel, and being a true racer, he pushed the Shelby well beyond my own comfort level and into my fantasy level! The driver never once let up and pushed it hard. It was sheer joy to be in an incredible race car with a great driver on a legendary track.
At the top of the hill where I had backed off with caution, he mashed the gas and drilled the car down the Corkscrew. He attacked it with a powerful sophistication that made me really appreciate all the race footage I have ever seen of that iconic section of the course! With the little breath I had expressed to him that he was the driver that the GT350 deserves, although the car is forgiving and thrilling enough for someone like me to also enjoy!"
Read the entire review HERE.

The Best Performing Mustang Ever - Available at Raceway Ford The Best Performing Mustang Ever - Available at Raceway Ford

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