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Vegas Bound Drivers Rejoice, the Worlds Tallest Thermometer is Working Again!

As many So Cal residents know when they hear the phrase ‘Vegas Baby’ it means one thing; Road trip! That very famous road trip can only be taken on one route and that is Interstate 15 and part of that drive takes fun seeking travelers through the heart of Death Valley, one of the hottest places on the planet.  The Herron family operates a diner in Baker, CA right off of the 15 freeway and back in 1992 the owner Willis Herron decided the best way to answer the most often asked question of how is it outside was with the World’s Tallest Thermometer! He wanted an attraction that would lure Vegas bounds folks off of the freeway for a quick bite or a refreshing drink and the thermometer was an immediate hit! Standing at 134 feet to commemorate the highest temp ever recorded of 134 degrees the three sided tower is visible for many miles and at night provides a landmark to let weary returning drivers they are almost half way home.  Over time the extreme heat and elements took their toll on the lighted tower and the bulbs faded until they were barely visible and in September of 2012 the giant thermometer finally went completely dark. The Heron family bought back the tower, after having sold it in 2002, in March of this year and restoration began immediately. On Thursday as the temp outside rose to the low i00’s the lights of the World’s Tallest Thermometer once again showed the highs for all to see! There will be a formal Grand Opening celebration along with a dedication to the originator of this So Cal landmark Willis Herron on October 11th when the daytime high shouldn’t be in the 100’s!

So if you are thinking about jumping into your new Ford and heading out across that desert, make sure you look to your left as you drive through Baker and check out the new lights of the Worlds Tallest Thermometer!
Read the full story of the Herron family and their landmark here:


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