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The all-new 2015 F-150 arrives in Riverside, CA!

Riverside and Inland Empire truck fans will have a LOT to celebrate as the new years begins as the much anticipated new face of ‘Built Ford Tough’, the new all aluminum 2015 Ford F-150 has arrived! Not just one or two either, as the area’s largest truck and commercial vehicle center Raceway Ford has earned more of the new F-150 than most other dealers and they are arriving by the truck full daily! Legions of Ford Truck fans have been anxiously waiting to find out if the new trucks from the Blue Oval will live up to all the hype and great press they have received over the last few months and now is YOUR chance to see for yourself! Stop by and drive one today, we have been blown away by this new truck but then again we are a bit biased! We hope to see you soon :)

The new 2015 F-150 has arrived at Raceway Ford The new 2015 F-150 has arrived at Raceway Ford

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SEMA 2014, our man Mike theCarGuy was there!

Each year in the beginning of November, before the temps drop into the chilly 60’s in the desert of Nevada the automotive world sets its collective sights on Las Vegas and the annual SEMA convention. The Specialty Engineering and Marketing Association, SEMA, holds one of the largest shows hosted in Las Vegas each year to showcase all the many thousands of products for the automotive world and has become a showcase for the custom, high performance and unique vehicles that populate the hundreds and hundreds of display booths. Over one hundred thousand visitors attend the show each year hoping to be among the first to see new products, tomorrows technologies and of course the cars that showoff both! Many companies use hot rods, race cars or special built show cars to highlight their products but over the years it has become a race to see what companies have managed to get their hands on the newest vehicles first and get their products installed in time to debut at SEMA. This year the excitement has been brewing about the two new additions to the Ford line-up, the all-new 2015 Mustang and 2015 F-150. With all the attention the new Blue Oval’s have been getting online we knew the floor of the SEMA Show would be crowded with customized Pony’s and trucks so we sent our man Mike theCarGuy out to Vegas on a one day mad dash to see as many of the new Mustangs and F-150’s as he could! Only having one day to see many hundreds of amazing vehicles made if difficult for our resident car guy to stop and admire the really awesome ones but he was able to take some great pics of most of the coolest rides in the show. In the Ford booth there were over a dozen new 2015 models that had all been customized in different fashions. The 2015 Expedition was at the entrance and it has received attention from master craftsman Neil Tjin, who’s brother had built the vehicle right next to it that also had the #StanceIsEverything attitude a 2015 Fiesta ST. Two rows of new 2015 F-150’s flanked the walk way and each was done up in a unique way to show just a glimpse of the potential for the new platform of Built Ford Tough. Racing figures like Vaughn Gittin Jr and Brian Deegan had their teams create some incredible versions of F-150’s that seemed as though they could be driven straight out onto the track and take the checkered flags both in a drifting contest and a serious off road race! The onto Pony row with nearly 20 versions of the all-new 2015 Mustang from a GT Convertible given the full treatment from Chip Foose to a special edition Pony from the Petty Garage, with the legend himself Richard Petty there to debut it! Also revealed was the 2015 Mustang King Cobra, a GT Fastback with Ford Performance accessories bolted on with no major modifications that ran a 10:97 in the 1/4 mile to showcase how easy the new Pony can be modified for serious speed! One Mustang that got a ton of attention wasn’t new at all, in fact it was nearly 50 years old! The Hoonigan him elf, Ken Block brought his latest toy to the show… the Hoonicorn. A 1967 Mustang notch back with an 850hp injected V8 stuffed into it and putting all that power to each wheel, yes all wheel drive! Watch for the next episode of his famous Gymkhana video series for more of this incredible car. Out on the floor it seemed that the new Mustang was definitely THE car to have for most of the companies hoping to attract attention to their booths and show off their product. Our friends at Gibson Performance had the Mustang they took delivery of right here at Raceway Ford all done up up and looking seriously sinister at the show! It doesnt look anything like it did when Mr Gibson took it home a few weeks ago! The cars and action spill out to the entire parking lot in front of the Las Vegas Convention Center too! In addition to what has to be considered one of the largest gatherings of custom and race cars on the planet there were also drifting displays and ride-a-longs with the Ford Racing School drivers. There was so much to see and so many great cars to take pictures of that Mike is trying to get us to send him for TWO days next year, we will see but for now enjoy the pics he brought back! Until then remember, the 2015 Mustang was named the ‘Hottest Car at SEMA’ but if you stop by Raceway Ford you can take one home and have the ‘Hottest Car In Your Employee Parking Lot’ or any parking lot for that matter!











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The next generation of Built Ford Tough, the 2015 F-150

During the last quarter of 2013 a new Ford F-150 was sold about every 42 seconds and for the last 37 years running it has been the best-selling truck built so when it came time to redesign the line you can bet strongly that Ford was not going to mess with success! As many of Fords loyal truck buyers use their F-150’s to earn their living with the changes had to be more than just skin deep and… they had to ensure that the term ‘Built Ford Tough’ still means the best built truck available! With the rising cost of fuel on everyone’s mind and hitting their pockets as well the new truck needed to be more efficient yet also be more capable than ever before. One way to increase efficiency is to find a way to lighten up the truck and Ford did just that. By expanding their use of aluminum to the entire body, the hoods have been aluminum for many years now, the new F-150 is a whopping SEVEN HUNDRED pounds lighter than the current model. Working with aluminum powerhouse company, Alcoa, designers have been able to use a thicker, military grade, aluminum (than normal steel panels) that actually resists dents more than the steel it replaces! By removing almost half a ton of weight from the truck Ford was able to increase payload and tow capacities while also improving the mileage of the all-new 2015 F-150! Making sure its lives up to its heritage the “F-150 boasts more than 100 new Ford patents and/or patent applications, making this vehicle a benchmark for new technologies in Ford’s storied history of truck leadership.” Knowing that they would have a ton of skepticism to face about using a truck body made entirly from aluminum Ford used some pretty crafty trickery and built many ‘test mule’ trucks that looked like the current model but had aluminum bodies and did NOT tell the three companies that they supplied fleets of the real-world test trucks to, one of which was a mining company! The results were incredible as the aluminum bodied trucks held up to the most grueling environments and treatment and provided proof that the new bodies will indeed prove themsleves to be worthy of the F-150 badge. Read more details of this amazing story HERE. In addition to the incredibly popular 3.5L EcoBoost Tiwn-Turbo V6 and the ever faithful Coyote 5.0L V8 Ford is giving F-150 buyers a new choice of engine with a 2.7L EcoBoost that is said to give the power of a small V8 with the economic fuel economy of a mid-sized pick up! We get new details weekly about the next generation of America’s truck so check back here often and for some great coverage of the 2015 F-150 also check out our friends over at MotorReview.com, they are pretty awesome about having the latest info and rumors!


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