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1.0 is Number One

For six years, Ford has taken home top honors when it comes to the 1.0L EcoBoost engine, as the robust little three-cylinder was voted 2017 International Engine of the Year “Best Engine Under 1.0-liter”—remaining undefeated in the category since its inception in 2012.

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Automotive Independence – The Freedom to Own

When one reflects upon the Fourth of July, America’s Independence from the British, they commonly associate the holiday with freedom, fireworks, parades, barbecues, baseball games, and political ceremonies held throughout, mostly enjoyed by the middle class.

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2018 Ford Expedition FX4 – Truly an Off-Road Experience.

The wrenches over at Ford Motor Company are going on an all-new Expedition.

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Raceway Ford partners with RCC to develop tomorrows auto techs

Raceway Ford has partnered with Riverside Community College and the 'Ford Maintenance and Light Repair Program' to train the technicians of tomorrow, and give them an opportunity to get to work today! We have four young men working in our Service Dept that were recently awarded their certificates of completion from this great program; Kevin Guerra, Jonathon De La Cruz, Abe Torres and Francisco Gonzalez all came to Raceway Ford through this great program and we are very happy to have them as members of the Raceway Ford Team!

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Raceway Ford, online en Espanol!

A Riverside area Ford dealership, Raceway Ford, has launched an online effort to give their Spanish speaking audience and customer base an online arena to learn, share and engage in their own language.

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2017 F-150 Raptor, a full on race truck you can drive!

Truck fans across the country have eagerly awaited any bits of information about the next generation of Ford's off-road beast, the F-150 Raptor and this week the Blue Oval dished all the goods at the Detroit Auto Show!

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2017 Ford Fusion Sport with turbocharged 2.7L EcoBoost V6!

Automotive fans and followers have their attention turned to Detriot this week as the annual North American International Auto Show kicks off.

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Raceway Ford Salesperson of the Year 2015 Jacob Medeiros!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please help us congratulate our 2015 Salesperson of the Year Jacob Medeiros! It was a great year for our entire store, thanks to our awesome customers(!), and Jacob truly shined with his outstanding commitment to customer satisfaction in addition to his efforts in selling the most vehicles!

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Ford Ranger set to take on Dakar 2016!

With the N. American truck market all abuzz with the news that Ford will reintroduce the Ford Ranger here it is not surprising that racing fans are watching the world racing scene to catch the truck in action as the Coyote V8 powered Ford Ranger is set to take on the most grueling event in all of motor sports; the South American Dakar Rally #Dakar2016! From News24.com

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Car Pool Lane Stickers Now Unavailable from DMV…

Riverside and Inland Empire commuters looking for car pool (HOV) lane access may be coming up short after a recent announcement from the California DMV...

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Ford’s small SUV gets even ‘Edgier’ and steals the show in LA!

Debuting at this weeks auto show is the latest redesign in the SUV line-up from Ford, the 2017 Escape and it does not disappoint!

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Focus RS Specs Released

We all remember when Kim K said she was going to 'break the Internet' and did  manage to grab tons of attention however today's announcement seems to have a better chance of actually overwhelming the web, and the folks at Ford couldn't be happier!

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Mustang officially the best-selling sports car in the world…

When Ford redesigned America's favorite pony car, the Mustang, their announcement included the news that they would be making it available in multiple markets outside the US.

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2016 Ford Explorer Platinum sets the bar for luxury SUV’s

The Blue Oval is on one amazing streak of 'doing things right' lately and the redesign of their SUV flagship the Explorer shows they have no intention of slowing down.

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The Best Performing Mustang Ever; 2016 Ford Shelby GT350

When the all-new 2015 Mustang was debuted back in November of 2013, Ford enthusiasts immediately began speculating just how incredible of a starting point the car would make for 'tuners'.

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Breaking: Ford planning return of the Ford Ranger!

Perhaps under pressure from the many Ranger fans who have been posting and tweeting for its return or perhaps from the success of the Colorado for the Bow Ties boys, Ford is reportedly considering the resurrection of the once very popular and now highly desired Ford Ranger! 

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Ford looking to #GoFurther in 2016…

Thanks to many fully and partially redesigned new models the Blue Oval is enjoying a huge sales year however, they are far from resting on their collective laurels!

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All-new 2015 Edge has arrived in Riverside

When the new 2015 Edge was first previewed we knew instantly we would LOVE it and now that it has arrived here at Raceway Ford we were right! With a bold new look its even farther at the ‘Edge’ of innovation and awesome!

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2015 Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition available now in Riverside, CA

Yes Ford Fans the day has arrived! Since the details were first released last year about the 2015 Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition we have been chomping at the bit so to speak, waiting for ours to arrive and the wait was worth it!

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European style ‘Hot Hatch’ fun available soon in Riverside, CA!

At the recent Geneva Auto Show Ford stole the spotlight on the worlds automotive stage yet again with the debut of the all-new, all wheel drive and all amazing Focus RS! Using the 2.3L EcoBoost borrowed from big brother the Mustang and sending its power thru the most sophisticated all wheel drive system ever developed bu the Blue Oval the new Focus will give American drivers the chance to have the type of RS fun that has only been experience by Ford fans in Europe for the last 40+ years of the RS badge's history.

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Riverside Carpool People Listen Up!

A few months ago the State of California legislature recognized the need for additional carpool lane stickers and effective January 1st 15,000 HOV Lane Green Stickers were made available bringing the total allotment to 70,000 stickers however…

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Raptor, GT350R and the Ford GT… all revealed at the Detroit Auto Show!

The annual Detroit Auto Show, or as it is now know around the world The North American International Auto Show, never fails to open the year with automotive excitement and this year the spot light is shinning on the Blue Oval.

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Save a Life BLead by Example!

This year start the New Year doing something that will benefit more than just you, save a life by donating blood! Usually by this time each year most resolutions have fallen by the way side as so many of us get caught in the business of modern life however there is still time to make a difference!

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The all-new 2015 F-150 arrives in Riverside, CA!

Riverside and Inland Empire truck fans will have a LOT to celebrate as the new years begins as the much anticipated new face of ‘Built Ford Tough’, the new all aluminum 2015 Ford F-150 has arrived! Not just one or two either, as the area’s largest truck and commercial vehicle center Raceway Ford has earned more of the new F-150 than most other dealers and they are arriving by the truck full daily!

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