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2018 Ford Expedition FX4 – Truly an Off-Road Experience.

The 2018 Ford Expedition -- The most off-road capable Expedition Ever

The wrenches over at Ford Motor Company are going on an all-new Expedition.

And we're not talking about going through the Dearborn Hiking Trails.

With consideration in breathing new life into the twenty-one-year-old SUV line, the Expedition will come equipped with the lucrative FX4 package for the 2018 year. Synonymous with the off-road capabilities in the F-Series, the FX4 package has been a mainstay favorite for the fellas who prefer dirt to asphalt. Now, Ford will bring that same idea to the Expedition and take the idiom from “grocery hauler” to “off-road ready”.

The All New Terrain Management System™

Starting at the XLT trim, the FX4 Expedition bears Fords’ twin-turbocharged 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine with a grand galloping of 375 ponies and 470lb-ft of torque, along with the 10-speed automatic transmission. As with the F-Series, the FX4 Expedition screams off-road creditability with off-road tuned shocks, side steps, 18” FX4 styled wheels, and about a dozen skid plates to protect the more vital areas of your rugged ride, such as the engine, transmission, transfer case, and fuel tank. The Expedition FX4 also comes with an all-new electronic limited-slip rear differential to make it that much easier to tackle dirt, mud, sand, and boast the class-leading 9,300 pounds of towing.

The FX4 Expedition also mirrors some of its smaller brother’s Explorer Sport technology with the new Terrain Management System™. This enables the adventurous to optimize their driving dynamic to environmental conditions—from snow, to mud, sand and much more.

Best In Class tow rating of 9,300 pounds.

“The FX4 Off-Road package delivers off-road driving confidence,” said Mike Kipley, Expedition vehicle engineering manager. “The technology we’re using works to adapt to different driving conditions so customers can enjoy the adventure without worry.”

Aesthetically speaking, the FX4 package also gives a little more recognition courtesy of the aforementioned 18” dynamic wheels, chrome running boards, and a shorter spoiler, along with the FX4 badging. With Ford claiming that about 20% of current Expedition owners happen to use their beloved SUV for off-roading skirmishes, the company believes that the FX4 package will deliver and do the SUV travelling justice.

Although Ford hasn’t announced pricing for the Expedition FX4, strap in and prepare to hit the lot with about $50,000 at the starting line. Not since the Bronco will we have seen the likes of something so eye-appealing and worthy of dirt-trails beyond the daily life of concrete confinement. As for your next Expedition excursion, it will be the most off-road Expedition ever.

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Raceway Ford Winners Circle Employee Highlight

The year was 1990; kids were playing Pogs and collecting Beanie Babies, on the dance floors in clubs around the country people were Vogue-ing to Madona and Pumping Up The Jam with Technotronic. In the world around us Germany reunited and the USSR dissolved as communism fell apart. Here in Riverside a Ford Diesel Truck Technician named Ken Ritchie started working for Raceway Ford. Ken’s commitment to providing the highest quality work soon gained him a nice following and as the new dealerships business grew the dealer was quickly considered the Inland Empire’s premier diesel service center. Over the years many things have changed, can you remember the last time you saw a Beanie Baby(?), but the thing that hasn’t is Kens great work and commitment to always being at his best. Having achieved the rank of Master Technician long ago Ken still continues to train and test his skills to stay ahead of the always changing technologies and advancements in engines which has helped us maintain a 100% Fixed Right The First Time rating with Ford consistently for nearly a year straight now! Ken has seen many years of the 7.3L and endured some challenges with the 6.0L years too! With a smile always at the ready for co-workers and customers alike, Ken Ritchie personifies the attitude of the Raceway Ford Team well; Be nice and be willing to help whenever you can, and it will be a great day.

Thank you for 24 years of awesome service Ken!

Twenty Fours years of keeping Fords running great! Twenty Fours years of keeping Fords running great!